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Maria Anna Tsouka


How your T-shirt destroyed the world “TEDxEnglishSchoolNicosia is an incredible opportunity for a youngster like me to share my visions and perspectives with my community, which will will be interested in them. Moreover, it is an opportunity to raise awareness about a topic which is of vital importance. In my opinion, TEDxEnglishSchoolNicosia is the perfect forum to spark a discussion about Fast Fashion, and thus I feel so lucky to be presented with the opportunity to be the younger speaker of this event. The issue of fast fashion is universal, as the fashion industry is one in which everyone is involved in, whether as consumers or suppliers. Therefore, due to its prominence, I want to point out some of its central flaws, such as: the inhumane working conditions in many clothing factories, the harassment and human rights violations involved in the process and the negative effects on our environment. Pointing out these issues is vital, as most of the time these are things that, as consumers, we don’t think about. Thus overall, my goal is to ‘unravel’ the dark secrets behind our clothes in order to obtain a fuller understanding of the fashion industry and its impact.”