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Niki Aristidou


Gen Z and the future: can slang be the bridge between our generations? “My name is Niki and I’m one of the TEDxEnglishSchoolNicosia speakers. I decided to take part in this TEDx event for several different reasons. Before getting interviewed, my confidence was at its lowest and despite the fear of worsening it, one of my friends urged me to apply. Fortunately, applying was one of the best decisions I have ever made because being selected gave me a huge adrenaline boost and allowed me to regain the lost faith in myself. It goes without saying that watching TED Talks is something I can always turn to for inspiration as I am always left in awe at how interesting the subjects are. Hopefully, my decision to become a speaker will truly inspire a few people along the way. My speech is about ‘Generation Z’ slang and its future in literature and workplaces. Perhaps this topic may not inspire people the same way a TED talk about seizing the world might, but it is not your average speech; as it will focus on the exploration of the youth’s mindset: my community. I believe that by thinking about language the way I have interpreted it, gives us hope for the future and a chance to laugh at the absurdity of seeing the word ‘bruh’ in a future well-known literary text. Join me in ‘unraveling’ the mystery of Gen-Z slang.”