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Leda Thanassa


How to redefine your perception of beauty “I’ve always enjoyed watching TEDx videos on YouTube; because I seemed to gain something from them. The moment I heard that the English School was holding interviews for TEDx speakers, I immediately knew what I wanted to talk about and shot my shot. My hope is that the audience will be able to learn something from my talk and that it simplifies something that might seem complex to them. I bet that almost everyone has been through a time where they were doubting their beauty. Many of us still go through it. My talk will be all about exposing the artificiality of these beauty standards that we all seem to hold as guidelines for beauty. By ‘unraveling’ the history and present of beauty standards and looking at how they vary through time, but also around the world, I hope that, by the end of my talk, every single person in the audience feels, even a bit, more comfortable with their appearance!”